Getty Images Ronda Rousey

A new ad from Reebok shows Ronda Rousey embracing her fall from perfection, and gearing up for what will be her shot at redemption.

Rousey shared the video to her Instagram page, announcing her #PerfectNever campaign, and explaining why she's content with being imperfect.

In the video, she tears off fake eyelashes and hair extensions, and appears to be prepping herself for a return to the UFC Octagon.

"Here's the thing about being perfect," she says in the ad. "Perfect never gets truly tested."

In her Instagram post, she writes: "Perfect never gets a shot at redemption. So, yeah, I'm fine not being perfect."

So don't be surprised if Rousey finds her way onto an upcoming UFC card, possibly as early as UFC 202. But don't expect her redemption bid to come against Holly Holm, who shocked Rousey in a massive upset late last year. Since Holm took the belt, it's been passed on two more times, most recently to Amanda Nunes.

If Rousey does return soon, she'll likely be facing Nunes, who dethroned Miesha Tate. Or if her return is delayed, and Nunes loses the belt in the interim, Rousey will likely face whoever the champion is at that time. But one way or another, she'll get her shot at redemption -- and it's going to be a massive draw.

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