Paralympics, Tharon Drake

A gold medal looks good, feels good, tastes good, smells good and now, sounds good.

Paralympic medals include a notable makeover compared to that of their Olympic counterparts.

As this Instagram caption reads:

"A medal like no other! These Paralympic winners are listening to their medals! For the first time ever, the Paralympic Games have placed a device inside the medals that use tiny steel balls to make a sound when they are shaken, allowing visually impaired athletes to identify which type they are. The bronze medals have 16 steel balls and make the lowest sound. The silver ones have 20 balls and the golds have 28, producing the loudest noise. All of the medals also have the words 'Rio 2016 Paralympic Games' written on them in Braille. Awesome!"

These special medals are designed to help visually impaired athletes differentiate between medals. The higher finish on the podium, the louder the medal. In addition, medals include Braille inscriptions.

The Paralympics began in Rio on Sept. 7 and end Sept. 18.

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