DeMarre Carroll Jose Bautista

It was the punch heard 'round North America. Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor punched Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the face after a late slide by Bautista at second base. The extended backstory is that Bautista uncorked his now famous bat-flip last postseason against the Rangers.

Bautista was also hit by a pitch just before his altercation with Odor.

While Bautista messed with Texas, back in Toronto, the Raptors were closing out the Heat in seven games. The franchise will take on the Cavaliers in its first-ever Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

Raptors forward DeMarre Carroll could not fully celebrate the team's victory, knowing city-mate Bautista was in trouble. He offered up any help Joey Bats needs.

"If he needs my help, my assistance, to come in and be a force, the junkyard dog…," Carroll begins. Then, TSN's Cabbie Richards asks Carroll about his overhand right to which he answers, "It's even better. I'm just telling Bautista, call me."

Carroll makes a hand motion like he is on a cell phone. Let's interpret this as a Drake Hotline Bling reference. Look at Carroll rocking the "6" hat.

Toronto and Dallas make for unlikely rival cities, but that's how this feud is shaping up.

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