Phelps, Ledecky Model Medals

With three individual gold medals in freestyle races, including dominant world records in two of them, it's clear that 19-year-old phenom Katie Ledecky has joined teammate Michael Phelps in earning "GOAT" status. So clear, as a matter of fact, that Phelps even posed while asking Ledecky for her autograph in a clever twist of this throwback photo:

But while Ledecky certainly knows how to get the job done as well as anyone alive in the pool, there's still a bit that Phelps, who is 12 years older, can teach her out of it. The two joined gymnastics phenom Simone Biles for a Sports Illustrated cover photoshoot to show off their hardware from Rio, and as this video shows, there are certain things that you need 28 Olympic medals to know:

"I've done it before," Phelps tells Ledecky when showing her how to tuck her medals behind one another. "You'll learn; don't worry about it."

Considering her ridiculous achievements in her first two decades on the planet, Ledecky will undoubtedly have plenty of time to learn, but it seems Phelps' lessons have already made their mark on her. Here's the end result of the photoshoot:

SI Olympics Cover Ledecky Phelps Biles

Smooth work all around from "The Greatests."

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