Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George says his heart and passion off the court is devoted to helping his hometown of Palmdale, California.

"The community that raised me," George said at the annual LA84 Foundation Summit.

George said he is following the example of fellow NBA star Dwyane Wade.

"I just look at a guy like Dwyane Wade, who has been a big mentor for me," George said. "One of the biggest things that stands out is he's always -- we joked about it -- he's always into something. Everything he posts to social media -- it's always something that he's into, it's always something that he's pushed the envelope on.

"He's one of the people that I can honestly say, basketball has really opened a lot of doors. He's used his platform. He's used what basketball helped him get to, get to other places that basketball shouldn't be taking you."

Check out the video above for more from George on how he approaches his responsibility to investing in his roots.

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