Edwin Encarnacion

First, Edwin Encarnacion hit a home run against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Then, as he rounded the bases, he performed his trademark "Walk the Parrot" home run trot, holding out an arm so that an invisible parrot could take the ride with him.

When he got back to the dugout, Encarnacion was met with a surprise: A parrot appeared from his side.

A real parrot, you may ask? Of course not. Can you imagine the fuss MLB would make about bringing live animals into a team dugout? But it was an entertaining move nonetheless, and MLB cameras caught Encarnacion having quite a bit of fun with the stunt.

Credit teammates Ezequiel Carrera with the notion to bring a stuffed parrot into the dugout, and Encarnacion for ripping a deep shot that made this moment possible.

The MLB league office can also wipe the sweat from its brow, knowing that Wednesday's animal encounter was just some good clean fun that, for a few moments, had everyone tricked.

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