Digangi Backflips While Making Football Catch

If you're looking for some legit top plays in the downtime between NBA conference finals games, we've got what you need.

Friends and longtime sports tricksters Reed Hansen and Dante Digangi took their act to the water Monday, and – needless to say – the result didn't disappoint.

Accurately referring to themselves as the "Hands Team," Hansen looked to find Digangi with a football as the latter was wakeboarding behind a speeding motorboat. We'll let Hansen's Instagram video take it from there:

That's a wakeboarding, backflipping, football catch while both maintaining possession of the ball and remaining on board when making contact with the water again – with a nice jab at professional wakeboarder Bob Soven thrown in there as well.

No word on how many attempts this feat may have taken, but regardless, it seems pretty Top 10-worthy to us.

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