Green Bay Packers

Ryan Holtan-Murphy of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is marrying the woman of his dreams: Marie Packer. For the couple, breaking from common American marriage norms is a given. Holtan-Murphy will take his wife's last name.

"Honestly, it was never even a decision for me," Holtan-Murphy told ABC News Thursday. "As soon as things started to get serious, for me it was never an option not to take her name. I mean, it's Packer! I think we were talking about the future and I casually mentioned it, and she was very receptive, and didn't act like I was nuts -- yet another reason she's the perfect girl for me."

The story gets even more Wisconsin. The Packers met at a karaoke bar in Madison. Holtan-Murphy proposed in an Aaron Rodgers jersey while at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, right across from the rival Bears' home of Soldier Field.

Ryan and Marie, who live in Chicago, will continue to troll Ditka and friends on their wedding day. The Packers will tie the knot at the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).

"We're definitely incorporating green and gold as theme colors in various forms, and have added Packers decorative touches," Holtan-Murphy says. "Marie has yet to green-light my Cheesehead tuxedo though. Fingers crossed!"

The wedding is exciting, but perhaps the couple's focus is on Sunday. The Packers travel to Atlanta for the NFC Championship Game versus the Falcons.

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