OSU Engages in Water Bowling

Forced to retreat to the locker room as rain delayed the start of a College World Series showdown between two teams yet to lose in Omaha, the boys of Oklahoma State baseball stayed loose. Forget stress or anxiety settling in as a game of such national importance approached.

In this video posted to the team's Twitter account, the Cowboys engaged in a humorous form of bowling. A baseball is rolled to knock down water bottles serving as pins. We see senior shortstop Donnie Walton roll a perfect strike before being upstaged by the pin-cleaning "machine" – a role played by senior third baseman David Petrino.

As it turns out, Walton's perfection provided a bit of foreshadowing, as the senior proceeded to go 2-for-4 and score the only run in OSU's 1-0 win over Arizona. As a result, the Cowboys now stand at 2-0 in the College World Series, only needing to win one of their next two games against Wednesday's UCSB/Arizona winner to advance to the CWS Finals.

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