Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Norman

Odell Beckham Jr. is back at it with the Josh Norman chirps. During last year's Week 15 matchup featuring Beckham's Giants and Norman’s Panthers, tempers flared between the wide receiver and cornerback. The two jousted back and forth, and Beckham was even suspended for the Giants' Week 16 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.

Now that Norman has signed on with the Washington Redskins, an NFC East rival of the Giants, he will line up against Beckham twice in the upcoming season, and the trash talk is starting to pick back up.

"It goes back to what I was saying," Beckham says in a recent GQ interview. "If I wasn't playing him twice a year, maybe people wouldn't bring it up as much. But now it’ll be a lot more media attention for him, attention that I don't really look for, attention that I don't need. The reason he's become so relevant is because of me."

For for the record, the two players jousted on Twitter in March:

With all the tension between Beckham and Norman, it will be interesting to see how the season series shapes up.

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