New York Post Cover

Well, this is embarrassing: The day after Derrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks, three major tabloids in the city were all too eager to trumpet the big news.

The only problem: They all played the same note. As this picture from Twitter shows, all three used the same headline to proclaim the arrival of the city's latest sports star.

Front Covers

That was a somewhat surprising turn, given all the wordplay offered by the word "rose." Great minds think alike?

But there was one key difference, and it's not easy to see in the picture above. What you may not realize is that those aren't all front covers of the newspapers. In fact, only one of those is actually a front-page story. In the other two cases, they're actually the back covers of the papers.

For Newsday and the New York Daily News, Chicago's decision to trade the one-time NBA MVP was the only real choice to lead the sports section, which is always featured on the back covers. But they used the front page for Congress' historic sit-in by Democrats, who are calling on the House of Representatives to consider a viable gun control bill.

The New York Post, though, dissented. Perhaps owing to its conservative leanings, the Post's front cover ignored the gun control sit-in entirely, allowing Rose's face to smile like a beacon from NYC newsstands.

Tabloid Covers

For its back cover, the Post went with another story about the Rose trade. The headline for this was "Bull's Eye."

Rose's trade is major news for New York no matter how you slice it. But as the three paper's choices show, its ranking in the day's events is a matter of perspective.

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