Nick Mangold was already a legend at MetLife Stadium, but two years ago, he became one at Madison Square Garden too. During a Rangers-Penguins first-round playoff game, while attending with then-Jets teammates Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eric Decker, Mangold ignited the crowd with a barrage of trash talking directed at the Penguins bench.

"We were there the year before in January," Mangold says. "It was kind of one of those things where we're sitting there, and I'm like, I've been hassled and razzed and yelled at by fans for the past 10 years and now I'm up against the glass, I'm right here. I can do the same thing to them. I'm gonna see if I can do it. When you're on the football field and you're hearing stuff from fans, you never acknowledge it because once you acknowledge it, that's when they go crazy and realize they won and that gets worse. So, taking those theories in, I'm up on the glass and I'm razzing them and it was all family-friendly because there were kids around and everything. Not trying to find curse words. You try to find funny things just like you're back in third grade, like oh, what does that name rhyme with and everything? Once I got someone to turn around and look, I knew it was over and then it just exploded.

"The playoff game that I was getting after them, unfortunately, [the Rangers] lost, but I was getting after Crosby. I tried my best, but it didn't help. After the game, a guy comes up to me, like three rows behind us, we're all starting to file up. He says, 'Nick, John McEnroe. I think what you did was awesome.' 'I was like, a) you don't have to introduce yourself, and this is amazing.'"

According to the New York Post, MSG security was called over to calm Mangold down that night against Pittsburgh.

Mangold played one final season with the Jets before he was released in February 2017. He has not played in the NFL since.

Mangold spoke to ThePostGame on Super Bowl Radio Row this past February fresh off his victory in PepsiCo’s Game Day Grub Match. The competition required competitors -- football players -- to cook food using PepsiCo products. Mangold made Cool Ranch Doritos-crusted wings.

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