Detroit Lions of Lannister

Two of America's favorite diversions have found common ground through an artists's new, inventive drawings. David Rappoccio of Uproxx came up with a "Game of Thrones"-inspired logo for every single NFL team, and the results are not just entertaining -- they're oddly fitting for just about every team.

One important disclaimer: If you're not caught up on your GoT, you might not want to scroll through this list. It could spoil some as-yet-unseen plot reveals that have come up within the past few episodes.

But for the rest of you GoT fans who faithfully watch the show every Sunday, feast your eyes on these hilarious and awesome mash-ups, starting with the all-too-perfect Dallas Joffreys:

Dallas Joffreys

A few more of Rappoccio's finest examples:

Caarolina Daarios

Buffalo White Walkers

Detroit Lions of Lannister

Jon Snow Raiders

New England Boltons

You can see the full list of GoT-inspired NFL logos at Uproxx.

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