Wilson Chandler

Taken out of context, it looks a lot like a goldfish, or similar small fish-tank resident. But alongside 6-foot-8 Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler, there's no question:

That's a huge-ass fish.

Technically it's a Goliath grouper, and this one weighed in at a mind-boggling 350 pounds.

The big catch was hauled in on a deep-sea fishing trip that will be featured on a future episode of Chew On This, a YouTube-based fishing show highlighting deep-sea excursions like the one Chandler endeavored upon.

But it's hard to think he expected to find himself so dramatically outsized by his catch of the day:

@blacktiph 350 lbs

A video posted by Wilson Chandler (@illwil21) on

One more shot of that trophy catch:

A photo posted by Wilson Chandler (@illwil21) on

It's unclear whether the outing was catch-and-release, or if Chandler is having that giant beast stuffed and hung above his fireplace.

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