Kevin Durant, Wanda Durant

Nobody loves you like your mom. And when trouble hits, there's no one at your side faster than your mother.

Professional athletes aren't exempt from this rule of life. Yes, they may be rich, famous and powerful, but they still need their moms to keep them straight and stand up for their rights. In light of Mother's Day, we want to recognize some moms of professional athletes who have built a reputation of their own by voicing their opinions over Twitter.

Whether they're abrasive, encouraging, combative or defensive, we appreciate the extra layer of entertainment they provide to their kids' lives. Here are the six sports moms you should be following on Twitter.

Wanda Durant, Mom of NBA's Kevin Durant

Looking for some wholesome motherly love? Wanda Durant has got you covered. The mom of OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant is widely regarded as a sweet, kind-hearted person, and a strong single parent who raised her son well despite tough circumstances.

With Wanda, you get sugar-sweet tweets like these:

Tune in now, though, and you'll be privy to Wanda's press tour for her upcoming Lifetime movie, The Real MVP, which documents her life story in a made-for-TV movie.

Mary Babers, Mom of NBA's Draymond Green

If you pick only one sports mom to follow in Twitter, let it be Mary Babers. She's a lightning rod of entertainment, no matter how you like it. In fact, Draymond Green admitted last year that he once tried to delete his mom's account because she "has no chill."

Draymond got that right. Sure, there are times where she's the sweet, supportive mom rooting innocently rooting for her son:

Other times, she's stone-cold verbal assassin. Exhibit A: Last year's NBA playoffs, during which she decimated the Houston Rockets during a prolonged Twitter rant against the team:

Mary Babers has no chill. And we wouldn't want her any other way.

Don't apologize. Don't ever change.

AnnMaria De Mars, Mom of UFC's Ronda Rousey

De Mars is a world-class judo practitioner in her own right, but the rising star of her daughter, Ronda Rousey, has given De Mars a much larger online audience than she might have had otherwise. And media attention was never more intense than when De Mars published a series of tweets that seemed to be directed at Ronda Rousey's MMA coach, whom De Mars has famously criticized in the past:

AnnMaria's going to give you a lot of information about her various nonprofit and activist efforts, not to mention her love for math education. But occasionally you do get a few gems, so it's well worth tuning in.

Dee Dee McCarron, Mom of NFL's A.J. McCarron

Here's a mom you follow when you want to watch the world burn. Dee Dee McCarron's Twitter is good for one thing: Regrettable tweets that are later deleted. In fact, all of her most entertaining moments have since been scrubbed from the website.

Fortunately, we have screengrabs. There's the time, for example, she mocked Jameis Winston's speaking abilities in a tweet that later prompted an apology:

Dee Dee McCarron Tweet

Possibly better, though, was her harsh response to a Twitter troll that criticized her son:

McCarron Tweet

McCarron Tweet

She won't win any Mom of the Year prizes, but her entertainment value is A+.

Annie Apple, Mom of NFL's Eli Apple

On the same night her son was drafted by the New York Giants, Annie Apple's star seemed to explode on social media. Her funny, candid and insightful Twitter stream is already one of the best you'll find among the mothers of professional athletes. Best of all is the shade she threw at any prospective girls looking to hit on her sweet boy through his Twitter DMs:

Outside of the jokes and wit, Apple does a great job of sharing interesting moments and insights, which makes her more than worthy to follow:

Delisa Lynch, Mom of NFL's Marshawn Lynch

Her son may always be a mystery to many Seattle Seahawks fans, much less fans of the NFL. But Delisa Lynch's Twitter feed can offer some insight into the recently retired running back's mindset.

Interestingly enough, her biggest social media moment came last year, when she called for the Seahawks to fire the team's offensive coordinator -- in September.

Delisa Lynch

Overall, though, Delisa is a champion of her son, and a fervent defender. His behavior may confuse others, but his mother's posts provide some insight into one of sports' most mysterious athletes.

For the rest of you moms out there, one advice for this Mother's Day: Ask your kids to sign you up for Twitter.

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