DeMarcus Cousins

On Tuesday, the Sacramento Kings unveiled a new logo and style that integrates some of its classic uniforms and colors over the years for a look that's both modern and vintage at the same time. The logos have been a big hit among fans.

But the Kings weren't done dishing out the cosmetic work. In a brilliant, twisted scheme to boost fan morale and deepen the loyalties of its local fan base, the team is putting on a unique promotion: On Wednesday, the Kings will pay for fans to get tattoos.

The only catch: It's gotta be a tattoo of the Kings logo.

For some fans, that was an opportunity they couldn't afford to miss. Lines were forming outside of Sacramento tattoo parlors before their doors opened:

The tattoos are being given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Darren Rovell shared pictures of the lucky, gutsy fans who were all too happy to get some free ink on the Kings' dime:

Give the organization credit: That gives "branding" a whole new meaning.

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