Yasiel Puig

When Jared Goff was drafted by the Rams No. 1 overall, another Los Angeles sports star was eager to offer the inbound rookie a warm welcome.

Dodgers star Yasiel Puig reached out to Goff on Twitter and offered his services in introducing the new quarterback to the city. But he threw a little shade on the end of his tweet -- see if you can see his subtle reference.

What an innocent, well-intentioned tweet, right? Maybe it was. But at the end of his own tweet, Puig linked back to a nearly three-year-old tweet from Goff, which had some unflattering words for the then-Dodgers rookie:

Puig deserves praise for bringing this to the public's attention, and in a fairly non-inflammatory way. Goff will almost surely be embarrassed for his smack talk, but Puig was smart to take the high road and turn it into a funny, friendly tease, rather than a grudge the two have to overcome.

Goff grew up in the Bay Area as a Giants fan, but it doesn't sound like the right-fielder will hold that against him. After all, #PuigYourFriend.

"It was a really cool move for him to do that," Goff said. "I do plan on taking him up on that, hopefully this summer."

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