NCAA Football

The class-action lawsuit settlement between former college athletes and EA Sports is finally yielding payments to those players after the game illegally used their likenesses without compensation for years. And those former players are using Twitter to share their paychecks, and their thoughts on the matter.

In total, nearly 25,000 checks will be sent out to former NCAA student-athletes featured in EA Sports' college video games. The average payment is about $1,750, but the amount can vary widely from one player to the next, depending on several different factors.

Nevertheless, most of the former athletes are happy to get a little extra cash out of the settlement.

There's been speculation that EA Sports might revive its wildly popular "NCAA Football" video game series as early as this year. The game's Facebook page even posted an ominous video that suggested the franchise had a pulse again. But EA Sports has denied that any plans are in the works.

For now, fervent fans appear to be out of luck.

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