Tom Brady, Jim Harbaugh

Michigan squeaked one out against Tulsa on Wednesday night. The Wolverines, playing in the First Four in Dayton, beat the Golden Hurricane, 67-62.

Tom Brady picked his alma mater to win that game. Now he's saying "Go Blue" all the way.

Any suggestions for who Michigan beats in the final?

Posted by Tom Brady on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bold move, Tom. Michigan has to get past Notre Dame in the first round, not to mention potential matchups with West Virginia, Xavier, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana --and that's just the East Regional.

Then again, Tom Brady is a sixth-round pick who became a four-time Super Bowl champion.

Toss Gronk a bone, maybe, and send Arizona to the final.

In other news: Tom Brady still fills out his bracket by hand!

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