YouTube Uncle Rico

Peyton Manning retired, and then Brock Osweiler left for Houston. So the Denver Broncos need a quarterback, and there aren't a ton of options on the open market.

But Emmanuel Sanders thinks he spies a deal. That's why he's campaigning for Uncle Rico.

For those who have never seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, Uncle Rico is Napoleon's relative with a love of steak and a deep conviction that he'd be playing professionally right now if the coach had just put him in the game. Instead, he's left to practice his throws out of the back of his orange van.

And that practice has reportedly done him some good: Uncle Rico can throw the ball a full quarter-mile, maybe even beyond those mountains.

After Sanders' Uncle Rico tweet was a big hit, he continued scouting via Twitter to try and dig up a viable QB prospect.

Just don't proposition him with any punters -- even his own.

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