DeAngelo Williams

We're all talking about how great of a career Peyton Manning had.

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams would just like you to remember: His career is great, sure. But his last season was awful.

Just before Manning made his official retirement announcement, Williams went to Twitter to point out what a rough go 2015 was for Manning. Williams is criticized by many people, but he doesn't back down from his argument.

Nothing Williams said cut as deep as when he compared 2015 Peyton Manning to 2010 Jimmy Clausen:

Williams makes fair points: Manning's 2015 season was far from great. By several measures, it was downright bad, and the worst of his career by a mile.

But the timing of Williams' comments makes them read like sour grapes. Manning's retirement is not an occasion to criticize a single season. And while his performance wasn't great last year, it was enough to help Denver to a Super Bowl.

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