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Stephen Curry wins at almost everything, but even the reigning NBA MVP can't control the Super Bowl.

Curry set off Super Bowl flames on Jan. 28. When discussing the Warriors hosting the Thunder on the eve of the Bay Area Super Bowl, the noted Panthers fan said, "It'll be a good 48 hours–a win and a win."

For a week, Curry backed up his talk. He lit up the Wizards for 51 points the night before spending the day at the White House. On Saturday, Curry led the Warriors to an eight-point home win against the Thunder. Simultaneously, Cam Newton joined him as an MVP winner.

Then Curry went out for pre-Super Bowl parties in the Bay Area.

"clowning" with my squad

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When you run into the man, the myth, the legend @KAKA it must be a great night

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About last night!!!

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Crazy!!!!! Let's go panthers! #keeppounding #mybabydidthat

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At the Super Bowl, Curry got his own space in the Panthers' locker room. He then hit the Panthers' "Keep Pounding Drum" before the game.

Stephen Curry Ayesha Curry

The Super Bowl came and went and although Curry was a site to see on the sideline, his Panthers could not figure out the Broncos' defense.

Stephen Curry

However, there were some hilarious Curry-Kevin Durant memes (Durant was also in Levi's Stadium).

Curry hung out with Bryce Harper and smiled through the Panthers' struggles.

Curry experienced a rare loss, as the Broncos defeated the Panthers, 24-10. It turns out even the greatest basketball player in the world can go with the flow after losses.

Still ride or die for the home team @panthers @stephencurry30

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Curry made fun of himself with the Crying Jordan Meme.

What doesn't kill Steph makes him stronger. Curry goes back to work on the court Tuesday versus the Rockets.

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