Twitter Mascot Fight

Teenagers have never been known for handling their emotions well. So of course a high school basketball game would turn into a stage for a ridiculous mascot brawl.

And of course some kid in a sleeveless T-shirt would leap at the opportunity to run out onto the court and get involved in the fight. And of course some other kids would want to live their lifelong dreams of getting into a stupid fight in front of their classmates.

Yes, all of this happened in a district championship game in Idaho. And someone managed to catch it all on video.

As you can see in the video, one mascot taunts the other and makes some light contact. That leads to a shove, which leads to one student sprinting out of the stands like a greyhound set loose at a dog-racing track. If only he had the brains of a greyhound: Instead, he proudly shoves the opposing school's mascot to the ground.

Another student from the opposing school attempts to use his body as a human bullet. Except he barely makes contact, falls to the ground uselessly, and ends up grabbing at the sleeveless kid's shins while reasonable people separate the students and restore brain function.

In the end, no one got hurt. Amazingly, only one student was kicked out, according to the Idaho Statesman, and he was later allowed to re-enter the game, which seems completely ridiculous, but is also the sort of limp-wristed authority that explains why a sleeveless student would think he could go assault another school's mascot in the middle of a packed gymnasium.

Kids are dumb.

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