Aaron Rodgers

All other Twitter accounts fall short of the glory of Aaron Rodgers. After a season-long absence from social media, the Packers quarterback returned with a bang, firing off a single tweet that was hilarious, beautiful, and -- most importantly -- a sick, sick burn on Seattle's Russell Wilson.

In an otherwise difficult season for Green Bay, the high points were almost certainly the two Hail Marys that Rodgers completed at the ends of games. The first, against the Detroit Lions, capped a late rally on the road and was easily the greatest play of the season.

The second occurred in the NFC divisional-round playoff game against Arizona, where Rodgers' long pass sent the game into overtime. The Cardinals wound up winning, but the glory of that pass remains.

Thus, it's time to give credit where it's due.

"Tell your sons mother I said thank you for those two throws," Rodgers tells God.

So far, God has not responded back. But of course, the real target of Rodgers' comments isn't God himself -- it's Russell Wilson, along with anyone harboring the notion that God involves himself in the outcome of football games.

After the Seahawks stormed back to beat the Packers in last year's NFC Championship game, Wilson credited God for giving them the win. That ruffled Rodgers' feathers: He later said in a radio interview that he thought God had more important things to worry about than the winner of a football game.

Wilson, however, maintained his position. That's led their divine pissing match to this juncture, where Rodgers is tweeting at God to subtweet Wilson, all while announcing his return to social media -- at least until the start of next season.

Let's home Wilson takes the bait and keeps this feud rolling.

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