Twitter Wild Trick Play

You've never seen a basketball play like this: A team of self-described "rec league legends" took the opening tip during a basketball game, then lined up to run a football play downcourt.

The center snaps the basketball, the receivers run downcourt, and the appointed quarterback throws deep. What happens is a miracle:

As you can imagine, this has become a wildly popular video, earning attention from Colin Cowherd and inspiring a campaign for the video to make SportsCenter's nightly Top 10:

A little Internet sleuthing reveals that the team is made up of players from Duchesne High School in St. Charles, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

These guys don't play on their school's varsity basketball team, but they've somehow managed to earn an even more legendary status by building an intramural team with some genuine lore. The group of guys have opened a Twitter account for their team, the Big Blue Ballers, are very active on social media, and have earned a humble following even before their viral video.

Most impressive about the video, though, is that it comes during a real game. This isn't the mind-blowing stunt video that worked out on the 82nd take. These guys, well, they're pros.

You might even call them rec league legends.

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