Iowa Hawkeyes

Christmas: A time for family, a time for charity. A time to open a present, discover Rose Bowl tickets inside, and lose your mind while your parents get it on video.

Nathan probably doesn't care that he's a viral sensation. Any feelings he has on the matter are most likely overshadowed by the tsunami of sheer adrenaline that he's riding since Christmas Day, when Santa deposited Rose Bowl tickets underneath the Hawkeyes fan's Christmas tree.

In a video posted to Twitter by his father, Nathan opens a box containing a Hawkeyes Rose Bowl T-shirt, which he happily receives, grateful adolescent that he is. But when he discovers Rose Bowl tickets at the bottom of the box, all manner of propriety is tossed out the window.

Nathan loses his mind.

From what we can gather on social media, Nathan is from Waukee, Iowa, and is as serious about Iowa Hawkeyes football as they come.

Now he gets the pleasure of abandoning his winter landscape to join the Hawkeyes in sunny southern California, where Iowa will take on the Stanford Cardinal after an impressive 12-1 campaign and a runner-up finish in the Big Ten. Every Hawkeye fan is as elated as Nathan, especially since their perfect regular season came out of nowhere. But not everyone shows it like the kid from Waukee.

Thanks for wearing your emotions on your sleeves, Nathan. Enjoy the game.

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