Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr played his first All-Star Game in 1992 at age 19. He started and recorded an assist.

Jagr played in 11 more All-Star Games over the next 12 years (the 1995 game was canceled due to a lockout), but he hasn't been part of the midseason affair since 2004. Jagr, currently a Florida Panther, has a prime chance to return to the All-Star Game in 2016, as he is currently fourth in fan voting.

But Jagr is waving the white flag.

This year's All-Star Game format is 3-on-3, altered from 5-on-5, to allow more open ice. The NHL introduced 3-on-3 as the default setting for overtime this season and the result has been a high-paced, pressure-packed period.

That's too much for a 43-year-old Jagr, who will be two weeks from turning 44 at the time of the Jan. 31 game.

Teemu Selänne, who retired in 2014 just before his 44th birthday, is trying to persuade Jagr. Selänne played in his last All-Star Game at age 36.

The crazy thing about Jagr, who edges the Devils' Patrik Elias for the league's oldest player by more than four years, is he actually isn't that far away from All-Star numbers this season. Jagr's 18 points lead the Panthers and are tied for 59th in the NHL. He also leads Florida with eight goals.

It really is a shame that Jagr doesn't want to make the trip. His new mullet would fit in well in Nashville, where the game will be played for the first time. Ironically, Jagr's tweet location was in Nashville, where the Panthers play Thursday night.

This isn't the first time Jagr has tried to talk his way out of an All-Star Game. In 2007, Jagr used rest as an excuse to get out of All-Star Weekend. Last year, a 42-year-old Jagr said, "I don't think I'm going to get picked because I don't deserve it."

The only NHL honor left that Jagr deserves is a trip to the Hall of Fame. If fans can convince him to make a stop in Music City along the way, that will be a bonus.

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