Shiloh Keo

It pays to advocate for yourself a little bit -- and to keep your social media rolodex filled with important contacts. Shiloh Keo was just an NFL free agent looking for a job when he saw the Denver Broncos sign a player for a role Keo thought he was perfect for.

Not only that, but the Broncos' defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, was Keo's coach when he played for the Texans. So Keo reached out on social media to nudge Phillips.

Based on his response, Phillips clearly had a fondness for Keo, but he defended the decision.]

Keo, for his part, kept the tone cordial.

And that appeared to be the end of things -- until this Tuesday, when the Broncos waived quarterback Christian Ponder. That left an opening on their roster. Do you care to know who they brought in?

A lesson, indeed. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your former coaches on your Twitter "follow" list. And don't be afraid to toss your name in the hat when a job opening arises.

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