Josh Norman and Odell Beckham

The No. 1 rule of trash-talking is do not say something you can't back up. Either back it up or wait until after you win to chirp.

In his highly-anticipated matchup with Josh Norman -- a matchup of arguably the league's best wide receiver and cornerback -- Beckham Jr. was visibly frustrated and emotional. He committed three personal fouls, but everything else paled to when he blindsided Norman with a helmet-to-helmet hit

Beckham Jr. is facing a likely suspension for the hit, which has made waves on social media.

Norman got the last laugh. With Beckham and the Giants tying the game, the Panthers stormed down the field in the final minutes and kicked a field goal as time expired to win, 38-35.

With the victory in their pocket, Norman and the Panthers turned to trolling Beckham.

Before that, Norman bashed OBJ in the postgame press conference:

--"He was out there flashin and dancing and carrying on. It is what it is. I think the first play, I kind of saw what kind of person he was. And hey, it's a show here. But if you play as a team, not as an individual, you can come through with success and we did that."

--"The guy took a shot at me I don't know how many times. If you take a shot at a guy's head, I mean, come on now. That's kind of going a little too far. Maybe he's fed up with the winter time. I think he's in a dark place."

--"He came back and was hunting; and it was malicious in every way. I hope the league office gets a chance to review the film and see what they can do, because players like that don't deserve to be in the game."

Here's the full transcript:

Even after his official press conference, Norman expressed emotion in the locker room:

Beckham couldn't blame Norman for both sides' actions after he initiated most of the conflict.

Unfortunately for fans, assuming the Giants don't make the playoffs, this matchup won't happen again in 2016. The Giants would need to miraculously storm back to win the NFC East in the last two weeks (with a lot of help). If that's the case, the teams could meet next season and in this year's playoffs.

New York's playoff hopes could take another blow this week if Beckham's hit on Norman disallows him to travel to the Giants' game at the Vikings next Sunday night.

Meanwhile, the Panthers are 14-0, comfortably in the NFC driver's seat.

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