Jets vs. Bills

The NFL hosted an experiment Thursday night. The league debuted the "Color Rush" jersey series, featuring teams in solid colors from shoulders to toes (jersey, pants, socks, shoes). With the Bills in red and the Jets in green, Christmas came early at MetLife Stadium.

That is, for those who could see it. About one in 12 men and one in 200 women in America experience red/green colorblindness. Deadspin depicted the horror for those people with the condition.

On Twitter, which is a soothing blue, people, including former NFL kicker Lawrence Tynes, voiced their frustration.

The NFL released a statement on the situation.

Kudos to the NBA, which has five Christmas Day games and five teams wearing shades of red, but no opponents in green.

As for the NFL, white should always be considered.

Here are the Color Rush jerseys for next week's Titans-Jaguars game:

At least it's not red and green.

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