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Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Lucas Duda As 50 Cent

Lucas Duda wasn't trying to blow the game. He didn't mean to botch a throw that could have ended Game 5 with a Mets victory, sending the World Series back to Kansas City and keeping New York's hopes alive.

He didn't mean to draw comparisons to the historically awful first pitch thrown by rapper 50 Cent. But then, the world wasn't built on intentions. Unfortunately for Duda, his bad play is now getting a very cruel -- if hilarious -- Internet treatment.

Let's compare 50 Cent's first pitch from the 2014 season to Duda's ninth inning throw:

Lucas Duda, a professional baseball player, has better mechanics than 50 Cent. In the moment, his years of training failed him and the Royals forced extra innings. Kansas City won, 7-2, with five runs in the 12th inning.

And Duda has to look at this for the entire offseason.

Just straight savagery (but a great photo edit job, nonetheless).

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