Matt And Kelly Stafford

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford may get fined for cleats and his wife, Kelly, has a stomach bug. But never mind that now.

The important thing to know is Kelly Stafford is still bitter about the officiating mistake in the final seconds of the Lions-Seahawks game Monday night. K.J. Wright conveniently tapped Calvin Johnson's goal-line fumble out of bounds through the end zone and the Seahawks won 13-10.

This is how Kelly feels:

Kelly originally posted the text exchange on Instagram, but took down the post. Kids, please take note that when you delete something, it does not just go away.

Kelly has an obvious point, and the NFL has already admitted this was a blown call, but at the end of the day, the Lions are 0-4 and the Seahawks are 2-2. Maybe Matt won't get fined for his cleats, but our guess that his response to Kelly's message probably would've been fine-worthy. Kelly was smart enough to cut the screengrab at a point where everyone will have to use their imaginations. She only shows her point of view, and the NFL cannot fine a player's wife. Right?

Stafford's play and the Lions' postseason hopes are under fire from the Detroit faithful. Kelly is not giving up on the team and the city.

Staffords met at the University of Georgia, where Matt played football and Kelly was a cheerleader. They married in April and sign their text messages, "xo." It is a cute story, but Calvin Johnson still should have held on to the football.

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