Missy Franklin

Your daily cry has arrived: This time, in the form of Missy Franklin reading an emotional letter to her parents.

In a video published by Minute Maid, Franklin reads the letter after introducing the challenges her parents faced when raising her: Specifically, figuring out how to raise a world-class athlete while still making sure she still experienced the joys of childhood.

And as the Olympic swimmer's letter explains, her parents did a great job by taking care of the simple things: Teaching her how to grow up into a strong, healthy woman, and showing her their parental love.

Ahead of the Rio Summer Olympics, she's making sure they hear her message of gratitude.

"Thank you for letting me make my own mistakes," she says. "Thank you for making me laugh every day of my life."

Get ready to hear plenty more about Franklin in the near future: She already has four gold medals under her belt, and could walk away from Rio with a total of seven new medals, if everything goes her way.

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