YouTube Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Jimmy Fallon

Everyone is making fun of Eli Manning's Super Bowl Manning Face, including Peyton Manning.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Peyton explained to Fallon that Eli was "into the game" just like Peyton was. Fallon then proceeded to take out an Eli cardboard cutout and he and Peyton made various statements towards the inanimate Giants quarterback.

Peyton relives life moments in which he gets drafted by the Colts, has twins and returns from neck surgery. Cardboard Eli reacts with the same face.

Fallon tells Eli he has tickets to Adele and is surprised by Eli's reaction. Does Eli like Adele? A sad Manning Face may be Eli's expected reaction.

It's pretty bold for Peyton to make fun of the Manning Face. The Sheriff is not immune to the condition himself.

One consolation for Eli: He has two Super Bowl MVP Awards. Peyton has one (but now both have two Super Bowl titles).

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