Britton Colquitt

For players lucky enough to play in the game, the Super Bowl is a family affair. Players can get up to 15 tickets from the NFL to pass out to friends and family.

But those tickets come at a price: Upwards of $2,000 per ticket. Players have to pay that fee -- even when the ticket is for a weeks-old infant.

Britton Colquitt learned that lesson the hard way. Two years ago, at Super Bowl XLVIII, the Broncos punter was a new father to a baby that wasn't even two weeks old.

Britton Colquitt

He wanted his new daughter in attendance -- so he had to pony up a cool $1,800 to get her through the gate.

"There's no age limit to tickets. It's $1,800 for our week-old daughter we just had. It's kind of crazy," Colquitt told the Denver Post.

Yet he told CBS Sports this week that the alternative -- leaving one of his kids, and possibly his wife, behind -- was an even less realistic scenario.

"If we win and my wife and two kids are there, but she's not, how do I explain that to her?" Colquitt said. "In the pictures, if we win, I'd like her to be in it."

So the Super Bowl may still be a family affair, but it's a very expensive one, too. Yet guys like Colquitt are going to pony up so that they can share their big moment with the people they love.

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