Michael Oher SJ Tuohy

Carolina tackle Michael Oher played in the Super Bowl on Sunday, which meant the entire real-life cast of The Blind Side came with him, including "SJ."

Sean Tuohy Jr., played in the 2009 film by Jae Head, is a walk-on with the basketball team at Loyola in Maryland. Tuohy, a 5-11 junior, flew to Santa Clara on Saturday after Loyola's 100-99 double-overtime win over Army. (Tuohy did not play.) After watching his brother lose, Tuohy returned to Baltimore in time for the Greyhounds' 71-51 loss to Navy. (Tuohy scored two points.)

Tuohy documented his cross-country experience in a video on Campus Insiders. His parents, Leigh Anne and Sean (played in the movie by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw), make cameos.

Oher won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, and at the start of SJ's college basketball career, the brothers shared a city.

Here is Oher commenting on his SJ's commitment in 2011:

Oher is still the top athlete in the family, but Sean Tuohy Sr. is part of the Ole Miss All-Century Team in basketball.

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