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Want to see video of a young Stephen Curry pursuing his NBA dream? Have it your way.

During Monday night's Warriors-Hornets broadcast, two commercials resurfaced featuring Dell and Stephen Curry for Burger King in the 1990s.

In commercial one, Stephen reveals his NBA dream to Dell, who warns Stephen he will have to work hard. Yeah, he did that.

In commercial two, Dell explains to Stephen that he will really have to "want it" to make the NBA. Stephen loses concentration and just wants to go to Burger King. Nowadays, that crave is for In-N-Out Burger.

Theses ads are adorable. How can you watch these and not melt? The reigning NBA MVP, currently the best basketball player in the world, maybe the greatest shooter of all time, is wearing a polo shirt buttoned up to the top, along with a Hornets shirt five sizes too big. He's rocking a pretty sick fade, to boot.

Stephen isn't identified by name in the spot. The two are listed as "Dell Curry & Son." Viewers would have had no idea what Stephen's name is (and where is Seth?).

A more modern Stephen surprised his dad on-air, while Dell, the Hornets' TV color commentator, attempted to shoot his pregame piece.

Stephen, who was listed as questionable with a shin injury, dropped 30 points on the Hornets. Curry had 40 points in the Warriors' first meeting against his hometown club.

Curry's 29.7 points per game lead the NBA. The Warriors are an NBA-best 32-2.

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