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Chris Bosh's bizarre in-game facial expressions have drawn some attention. Here's the truth: For Bosh, those faces are all part of his job as a dad.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Bosh makes those faces at his kids whenever they're in attendance at a game. His family has courtside seats opposite the team's bench, and the faces are part of an ongoing cat-and-mouse game he plays while playing a slightly more important game on the court.

"My kids started it," he said. "My oldest, she started it. She loved coming to the games and they like interacting with me. When my son [Jackson] got old enough he started coming to the games and doing it, too. They're right there and the whole time they yell, 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.'

"Actually, I can't remember if I started making faces at them or they started it. I don't know. I've been doing that with my daughter for four years at least. Every time they sit there I do it. They love it."

Somehow, Bosh's habit has gone largely unnoticed all these years. But it's also something you're unlikely to see after halftime: Since his kids are young, they usually leave the game at halftime and go home to sleep.

While it looks like a distraction, Bosh thinks their presence -- and his interactions with them -- help him out on the basketball court.

"It actually helps settle me down knowing that they're sitting there watching what I say and do on the court," he said. "It's good, man."

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