Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton has 127 career stolen bases. Considering he only has 244 hits and 67 walks in his career, that rate is outstanding. It is what Hamilton gets paid to do.

So when he hits a home run, Hamilton is out of his element. On Monday night against the Cubs, Hamilton hit his first dinger of the season (11th career) and zoomed around the bases in 16.2 seconds. Since MLB introduced Statcast at the start of last season to track home run trots, that is the fastest time.

"I didn't know it was a home run," Hamilton said. "If you don't know it's a home run, you can't expect it to be home run when you don't hit home runs. My motto is, 'If that ball falls, I'm trying to get an inside the park home run.' I'm going full speed all the time. If it falls at the wall, I won't be standing on first base. I'll be on second or third where somebody has a chance to drive me in.

"When I came around third and the hands went up like, 'Oh, you're good.'"

Hamilton recorded the fastest home run trot in 2015 at 16.5 seconds, but the switch-hitter drilled that home run from the left side. This time, he did it from the right batter's box.

Deadspin noted Hamilton's 16.2-second sprint is less than three seconds slower than Dee Gordon's 13.95-second 2015 inside-the-park home run, the fastest on record. Hamilton had a 13.8-second inside-the-parker in the minor leagues in 2012.

One more tidbit: Adam Rosales absolutely booked it around the bases on this 2010 home run. Larry Granillo's Tater Tot Tracker gave it the unofficial record of 15.47 seconds.

In the official Statcast MLB records though, Billy Hamilton holds the fastest home run trot.

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