Jordan Williams

Yesterday, I wrote about the horror of knowing a shooting victim, in this case Timothy Anselimo, a.k.a. oLARRY of Bucks Gaming from the NBA 2K League who survived Sunday's attack in Jacksonville.

Today, I write about his hero, Jordan Williams. Forget the shooter's identity. This is the name we should all remember.

Williams was working at Hooters a few doors down from the GLHF Game Bar where the Madden Tournament was taking place when the shots rang out. Rather than hide, Williams went toward the bar.

"I followed my first instinct," he told Fox 35 Orlando.

Williams found a group of individuals fleeing the bar and guided them to Hooters. One of those strangers was oLARRY, who had taken three bullets to his chest, thigh and hand.

"I brought him to the back, gave him water, gave him medical supplies, was just taking care of him," Williams says.

"I did not take my hands off of him for those full 15 minutes because the chest wound and the side wound were bleeding pretty bad."

OLARRY's father, Edward Pagan, says oLARRY and the family credits Williams for saving oLARRY's life.

"He's my hero," Pagan says of Williams. "I want everyone to know in the whole entire world this kid is my hero."

Pagan is right. We also should know his name: Jordan Williams.

And he doesn't look so bad in that Bucks Gaming swag.

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