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Matt Deggs

After Sam Houston State lost to Florida State in the NCAA Super Regionals, just one step away from the College World Series, head baseball coach Matt Deggs turned the moment that could have been a crushing disappointment into a moment of learning and encouragement.

Deggs preached about how baseball isn't about wins and losses and how his being fired from Texas A&M in 2010 changed his outlook on the game as a person and as a coach.

Deggs spoke about how baseball is all about building relationships and second chances, citing his firing and then hiring by Sam Houston State.

He also praised all of his players in the emotional press conference, mentioning how several of them gave up at-bats so that their teammates could get playing time in the final game, a 19-0 loss to the Seminoles.

"There's no greater honor than to sacrifice for a brother," Deggs said. "That encapsulates and embodies this team to a T. That'S why they're so lovable."

Infielder Lance Miles took a moment after Deggs' speech to make one of his own about the coach, mentioning how humble he is and how big of an impact he has been on the team.

Miles applauded not only Deggs' skills as a baseball coach, but as a life mentor, helping improve the players mature as men.

"The way that I grew up just in the three years under this man right here is unbelievable, and I'm eternally thankful for it," Miles said.

It is clear based on his speech and the way that his players speak about him that Deggs is an incredible man who prioritizes improving his players' lives over winning baseball games.