Marshawn Lynch

Former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has emphatically said he is done playing football. If this video of Lynch test driving fancy cars is any indication, he is happy with that decision. The video includes a warning for explicit language, so consider this a pre-warning:

The combination of Lynch looking and behaving like an excited child overwhelmed by so many cool new things, while he simultaneously curses up a storm (don’t worry, he got driver Tim’s approval) makes this video outstanding. In between busting out some dance moves and being blown away by a car with plates and TVs, Lynch even dishes a life lesson: "Men don't take selfies with men," Lynch said to a man unaware of this unwritten rule.

While we won't be seeing Lynch on the football field again, we can hope this is just the beginning of his career as the world's most candid car reviewer. We have already seen him do a good job riding a camel and helping kids in need.

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