It was Showtime again in Los Angeles when Magic Johnson and Pat Riley connected during a one-hour fan event, and they did more than just tell great stories about the glory days. They danced and high-fived to the sweet sounds of George Benson and Jeffrey Osborne.

Holding a portable speaker to his microphone, Riley stood up and started grooving to Benson's "Love X Love" and Magic quickly joined him.

"One of the great things I loved about our team," Riley said. "We had great players. They wanted to win. They really wanted to win. They're all good guys. But we had a lot of fun. We were all into the same kind of music. I think that's where we clicked first."

Even after losses, the Lakers used to crank up the boom box and sing on the team bus. Everyone had different parts on different songs, and Riley rolled out his lines from Osborne's "You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)."

But they knew when to be serious. Before the playoffs, they would have a big team party.

"Wives would come," Riley said. "Significant others. And we'd all have a dinner. Then we'd take the champagne and we would toast it, and then we would pour it out and say, 'Not until we win it do we actually drink it.'"

Magic said he changed his phone number so nobody could bother him during the playoffs.

"I went silent," he said.

With Riley as head coach, the Lakers won four NBA championships and went to the Finals three other times.

"How many times can you see a coach and players have fun like this?" Magic said after the impromptu dancing with Riley. "You don't see this. This is special. He said something to us and we didn't really get it until afterwards. He said, 'This is a special team during a special time with a special organization and you won't realize that until after it's over.' And he was exactly right."

Johnson and Riley spoke Monday inside the Conga Room at LA Live during a special event that American Express produced exclusively for select cardholders. Watch the video above for more of their conversation about what made Showtime unique.