JustGiving - Jayne Jacob

Roy Larner

During the attacks this past Saturday on London Bridge, several people who stepped up and became real heroes. One was Roy Larner, a 47-year-old London native who fought off the three knife-wielding attackers by himself at the Black and Blue steakhouse at Borough Market.

Using just his bare hands, Larner, a lifelong supporter of Millwall Football Club, gave everyone in the restaurant a chance to escape. He reportedly shouted "*#&$ you, I'm Millwall" as he confronted the terrorists. He was wounded in the head and neck after being stabbed eight times during his fight. He was treated in the intensive care ward at St. Thomas Hospital.

Larner's heroics have led to an outpouring of support for him and Millwall through crowdfunding on justgiving.com and even from a rival football club, Bristol City. Bristol City's fans are presenting a sign that they took from Millwall's bus more than 20 years ago to Larner as a measure of thanks for all the lives he potentially saved.

Larner will likely receive praise for the rest of his life due to his heroism and will be known as "The Lion of London Bridge" for years to come.