Jerry Jones

Movember is upon us, which means the world is about to get a lot more ... bristled. Growing mustaches over the month of November may have started out as a smart campaign to raise men's cancer awareness, but it's evolved into a genuine cultural event.

And while most athletes are reluctant to spurn their present image by letting their mustache reach its full potential, we're using this month to celebrate the potential, if not the reality, of those famous faces. After our epic mustache compilation from last year, we're back with the 2015 version of our Mustache Movember top hits. Check 'em out.

2015 Movember Staches


Jonathan Toews

This Halloween season, the Blackhawks star is missing his departed teammates from last season's championship team. Maybe they're hiding under that 'stache.


Mark Cuban

Losing DeAndre Jordan to the Clippers in free agency has had a palpable effect on Cuban's mental state.


Rex Ryan

Would this even register on the Rex Ryan Scale of Odd Behavior?


Antonio Brown

Not bad, but shouldn't any mustache on Brown be cut in the Lego mold to match his hair?


Jacob deGrom

Still living in the shadow of that hair.


Jerry Jones

Given his handling of Greg Hardy, the villain look is appropriate -- and both of these options do a great job.


Jordan Spieth

After his candid discussion of his balding scalp, this could only be taken as an effort to compensate.


Karl-Anthony Towns

This seems like an unnecessary distraction for the Timberwolves rookie, but if Kristaps Porginzis can sport cornrows, then the rules of fashion cannot be enforced.


Max Scherzer

One mocked-up mustache for every no-hitter the pitcher threw in 2015.


Nick Saban

Alabama seems like the kind of place where this would go over well. But are either of these options angry enough?


Novak Djokovic

The Djoker can do no wrong, especially after Andre Agassi's curious hairstyle choices.


Odell Beckham

Nobody in New York will care as long as it doesn't lead to injury.


Rob Gronkowski

Voted Most Likely To Go Cross-Eyed Staring At His Own Mustache.


Stephen Curry

Curry can do and say what he wants, but no amount of mustache will make him look any more than 11 years old.


Steve Ballmer

Have you ever put a mustache on a red screaming tomato? Then you've seen this before.


Steve Kerr

The Warriors coach is currently laid up recovering from back surgery, so he's got time to nurture whatever distinguished style he likes.

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