Lindsey Vonn

Summer Olympians are staring down the barrel of an intense few weeks. But for the Winter Olympians, the horizon is littered with nothing but relaxation.

Lindsey Vonn plans on taking advantage. Unlike the Winter Olympic Games, when she carries the expectations of the world on her shoulders, the gold medal-winning skier relishes the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the summer Games -- both the competition and the spectacle.

Vonn attended the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. This time, she'll be watching from home. But thanks to a new partnership from Reese's, Vonn also had the chance to test-drive a few different summer sports, to hilarious results.

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Most notable, she says, were the scenes she shot with an equestrian horse, in which she struggles to climb up into the saddle.

"The horse was really not pleased with me trying to get on him," Vonn says. "I know how to ride, so it was a bit of acting on that one, but it was a bit interesting. I got on backwards once, and I fell."

The Reese's commercial is the centerpiece of a promotional partnership that Vonn and Reese's will carry through the end of the Summer Olympics.

Not only does Vonn know how to ride a horse, but she feels pretty confident in the saddle. While she insists her athletic abilities only apply to skiing -- "I was always really bad at everything else," she says -- she thinks she might be able to get the hang of riding equestrian.

But if she could choose anything, her preferred summer sport is easy.

"If I could choose anything regardless of my ability, I'd choose tennis," Vonn says. "I always wanted to be a tennis player in my second life."

Just as long as you stay away from ribbon-dancing.

Lindsey Vonn

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