LeBron Orders Huge Pizza

When you lead everybody in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks in a grueling seven-game championship series, you've earned the freedom to unwind a little bit. 2016 NBA Finals MVP LeBron James just showed the world how that's properly done.

James' connections to Blaze Pizza, a restaurant that serves pizza in a Chipotle-style, assembly-line fashion, have been well-documented. The King previously pulled a stunt at a Los Angeles joint where he posed as an undercover service employee named "Ron," and he even dropped his marketing partnership with McDonald's in 2015 to devote more energy to promoting Blaze.

And on Thursday, LeBron showed his allegiance to the company once again, ordering this unprecedented 16-topping pizza and showing off the evidence to the world:

We don't know how that's geometrically possible either – LeBron didn't share any pictures of the pizza itself to any social media accounts – but it's certainly impressive on paper.

And if you're concerned with the health impact of James' order, you have nothing to worry about. As LeBron's hashtag points out, he added that salad, so he's off the hook.

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