Lebron James, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

A powerful man in a powerful swing state is aligning with a presidential candidate. And he is not a politician (at least for right now).

In an op-ed for Business Insider and the Akron Beacon-Journal, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James voiced his support for Hillary Clinton.

"As a kid, I didn't have much money," James writes early in his piece. "It was just my mom and me, and things were rough at times. But I had basketball. That gave me a family, a community, and an education. That's more than a lot of children in Akron can say. There are a lot of people who want to tell kids who grew up like me and looked like me that they just don’t have anything to look forward to.

"That's dead wrong. And that’s why I came back to Cleveland to continue my second mission. I am determined to make sure my kids in Akron have what they need to become their best selves. Opportunities, a support system, and a safety net for kids in poverty or kids in single-parent households shouldn't be limited to those lucky enough to be blessed with athletic talent."

Later on, James explains:

"I also tell all my kids how important it is that they give back to the community. Because if basketball has taught me anything, it's that no one achieves greatness alone. And it takes everyone working together to create real change.

"When I look at this year's presidential race, it's clear which candidate believes the same thing. Only one person running truly understands the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty. And when I think about the kinds of policies and ideas the kids in my foundation need from our government, the choice is clear.

"That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

"I support Hillary because she will build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama. I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy.

"Like my foundation, Hillary has always been a champion for children and their futures. For over 40 years, she's been working to improve public schools, expand access to health care, support children's hospitals, and so much more."

James goes on to write that he agrees with Clinton on such topics as education and addressing violence: "Hillary is running on the message of hope and unity that we need."

Ohio has voted for the winning presidential candidate in every election since 1964. John F. Kennedy was the last U.S. president to claim the Oval Office without the support of Ohio in the Electoral College.

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