Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving remembers the big letters that were visible when he first entered his house as a youngster. They spelled out the expression "Hungry and Humble" and Irving learned from his father the meaning behind those words.


Now that he is an NBA All-Star, Irving wanted to do something special for his dad in advance of Father's Day. Drederick Irving raised Kyrie and his sister, Asia, mostly by himself. His wife, Elizabeth, died when Kyrie was 4 and Asia was 5.


Drederick didn't make the NBA but played professionally in Australia. He gave up his basketball career for a stable job so he could provide for the kids.

To show his appreciation, Irving decided to renovate the first and only house his father has ever owned with help from home improvement website Houzz.

Kyrie and Asia worked together to improve upon the living room, kitchen and trophy room, among other things. The revelation of the trophy room made all of them well up with emotions. Asia had added all of their father's trophies and accomplishments as further  testament to show how all of Drederick's hard work has paid off.

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