Kid Dominates Cube

NBA front offices are going to have to hope that Kevin Seraphin can play better defense than this.

Seraphin, a 26-year-old center, is on the free-agent market after a season with the New York Knicks. He annually runs a youth basketball camp, known as "Camp Guyastars," in his native France during the summer. And one young camper wasted no time schooling Seraphin – even if it didn't come on the floor.

During some down time at the camp, the youngster prepares to solve a Rubik's Cube, and he asks for one of the 6-foot-10 Seraphin's monstrous hands to obstruct his vision. And as is seen in this video posted to Seraphin's Twitter, his defense was having absolutely no impact on the kid:

That's a cool six or seven seconds, depending on one's timing generosity. Very impressive nonetheless, as Seraphin had to tip his cap to the phenomenal display.

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